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Ginger Ale, Vicks VaporRub, & Robitussin: Understanding the Black Community’s Mistrust in Medicine

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January, 2021


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"ARTIST SESSIONS" | Episode 2: Maryam Muhammad

"All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was."

Toni Morrison

Excerpts from the poetry book,

Bantu Knots & Butterflies...

Bantu Knots & Butterflies is a written reflection of myself, through poetry. It is a testament to my divinity and a love letter to my femininity as a Black woman. Not only is it the narrative of my growth and what I have accomplished, but it is also the story of what is yet to come. Poetry has always encouraged me to dig deeper when expressing myself and to search for inner peace.

I invite you to partake in my journey by reading my words as well as looking into who you are and considering where you have yet to go in your life. 




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