Not even water could displace me. No one is enemy to water.

i remember the arguments
i remember a struggle 
between the two of us
i remember drowning 
from the hatred inside of you
i remember you grabbing my neck 
and submerging me 
into the choppy, blue abyss 
hoping the life would leave my eyes
and that you would 
never have to see me again
you successfully overpowered me 
and watched me take my last breath
i was dead
i was hopeless
never again would i rise
but somehow
by god’s grace i managed 
to revive myself
at first, i stumbled and nearly died again
unable to get up
so then i laid back down in the grass 
next to the body of water
and i gazed into the sun 
with scarred corneas
my body felt nonexistent
i was no longer human, only mere, lifeless flesh
each breath i took as i got up felt like 
the first one that i had in a thousand years 
i was reborn, but i was not healed

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