You have created music for me, and you have fed my soul through my ears.

you are my neo soul song

you are the incense 

i light in my room 

before i meditate

the cocoa butter 

i put on my skin 

for moisture

the satin bonnet

i tie around my head

at night

the egyptian jewelry 

i adorn my neck and ears with

inspiration: (otherside of the game - erykah badu)

you are my neo soul song

you are a still spirit

looking for answers in a fierce wind

that is trying to knock you down

yet you stand firmly

without compromise, 

without fear 

and without doubt

in the face of turmoil 

you know what freedom is, truly

your presence transcends the need for words

inspiration: (the train from washington - gil scott heron)

you are my neo soul song

you carry a quiet melody in your mind

a fiery passion in your eyes

that makes me wonder 

what you’re thinking 

the wink that you send my way 

when you look in my direction

how your fingers move in motion 

when you make a simple gesture

the energy you release into the universe 

just by being

inspiration: (the truth - india.arie)

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